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Zsolt Hamar: Fanfare



Zsolt Hamar

"Only the song through the land hallows and heals."

(Rainer Maria Rilke
The Sonnets To Orpheus: XIX)

Welcome to my website! 

It is not meant to tell about my life but to share the fascination what music has always brought to me.

My parents often mentioned that I was not yet able to utter sounds to form comprehensible word when I cradled myself by singing already quite clearly Bach D- minor piano concerto.

I still feel that while words may betray sounds of music always provide me with comfort and happiness.
Since I am not only composing music but also interpreting it as a conductor my pleasure is in full fruition- as a kind of medium I can acquaint my audience with the music what "hallows and heals".

Faithfully yours,

Zsolt Hamar